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A New Beginning - The Dragon Beckons Us - We Answer The Call

Hawkeyez, Nov 12, 14 8:28 PM.

The stars are calling - Draco has awakened ...

We are to answer the call and find out what it takes to survive on distant worlds ...

The lands of Rhydlan beckon...

Gateways to other star systems as a Star Citizen reach out to us to explore them ...

Do you dare?

Commander Zeta

Custodes Draconis Cabal - The Secret World Informational

Shenron, Jun 16, 12 7:58 PM.

Greetings Custodes Draconis

Please be aware that this site is the main member entry portal.

All potential recruits/cadets MUST join this group as part of their initiatieon.

Members must post a basic biography of their intended main character in the BIO section of the forums.

These BIOS will then be read and members will be given a status to enter into training.

Some training may not be necessary as per applicant's abilities.

At present there are spaces open for leadership positions in the various categories, one of which is PVP/RAID.

All members MUST be active in ARG-STYLE Roleplay within CD. Details on these levels will be determined and based on skill sets. There will be roleplay in the game, but not so much that it interferes with normal gameplay.

Most of the ARG-Style Roleplay is required to advance wihtin the game itself, thus making it a more rounded experience, that the game is designed to have.

You will find people that Roleplay in this game and eventually they will lose interest. We are not of this nature. We will also use Roleplay to act as an alternative to cheating in finding solutions to puzzles; this is where the real fun begins - It is called Immersion.

We ourselves may be potential writers of TSW MMORPG gameplay; everything must be analyzed; nothing must go amiss.

We will have an active temporary Teamspeak 3 for discussion.

We will have a Council that the leadership here will be represented in.

There may be several Councils that dictate matters, and the heads of each Council will formulate the Founders of Custodes Draconis.

It is with this formulation that I respectfully request admittance into the Funcom 50-Member Cabal Founder Listing.


Once members have passed certain trials here on this site, they will advance in status and move on to the main site for the difficult challenges that await us. That website will have a much better look and have much easier accessibility options.

I will pay to keep the main site ad-free if the membership is there.

I am very excited and have had good success 'playing the game'.

I am involved in the Funcom ARG's and some mini roleplays, have played The Secret War on 3 accounts, and already am gaining insight into the various goings on.

~ Please consider Custodes Draconis ~

Custodes Draconis Funcom Foundation Cabal Application

Shenron, Jun 16, 12 7:30 PM.

Greetings Custodes Draconis

It has come to the attention of the council that there will be 'Cabals' listed as called 'Founding Cabals' chosen by Funcom. It is in the best interests for us to apply although we are a startup operation.

There is good hope and effort here to encourage acceptance by the qualifications and philosophies presented by Custodes Draconis that we believe to be unique and held in such high regard that plays out in few other 'Cabals'

Mainly I speak of Roleplay.

As roleplay comes in many forms, and MMORPG gamers as well are varied and unique, we attempt to match players with our philosophies, and somewhat vice-versa.

We operate in an adult manner and have an age restriction of the minimum as required by the active sites, we choose 16 minimum and special cases accepted  for lower age.

We will offer what we call multi-game roleplay within TSW; no other Cabal does this to my knowledge, but the basis will be casual.

Other 'supporting' games include FSX Flightsim, Railworks, Falcon 4 (possibly), and other social venues that provide static and dynamic links to TSW gameplay progression.

We are not about getting there fast and furious !

We are about Connectivity and Lore!

We are about Understanding and  Sympathy!

We Train, Observe, Decipher, Encrypt, and Satisfy !

~ So Shall It Be Written ! ~

We Dare !

We Rule !

We Accept !

We Criticize !

We Observe !

We Nurture !

We Inspect !

We Secure !

~ So Shall It Be Done ! ~

~ We Are Custodes Draconis ~

~ We Are The Keepers Of The Dragon ~

 ~When All Others Have Left, It Will Be Us Who Remain ~

The Simulations Have Begun

Shenron, May 16, 12 2:57 PM.

I am pleased to report that the first weeks of simulation runs have been accessed and run. The results have been within acceptable limits. News of the simulations has spread across the world and modifications are being processed for further testing.

We will be working on character and mission development as time goes on.

Reports are slowly coming in regarding the darkness that is pervading. We are now in touch with some of our contacts and continue to seek new members into our group of  brave warriors and adventure seekers.

We do not rush in where fools dare to tread, but we do seek to level ourselves. However we must adhere to certain precepts of area and zone development and improvement. As such, we will have meetings concerning these ventures.

I cannot disclose any further information here...I will say this...I am in touch with a current development concerning the dissappearance of  an international liason to a snack producer..I have new information in that regard.

We will be accepting various 'game' venue rolelays in order to further enhance the development of the Cabal:


Members of these elite organizations are encouraged to apply. We must also be good at problem solving skills to include various forms of linguistic and encryption skills.

The application process is simple at this point - merely join the Guildportal, then sign up here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Shenron, Mar 12, 12 5:59 PM.
        It has come to the attention of my superiors that a meeting with certain individuals may be taking place in the near future regarding the state if affairs in Kingsmouth. The events there seemed to have had an impact on some of our import/export trades.

        People have called Kingsmouth an area of great turmoil. It is as if some of the inhabitants of the town, may have turned into what are looselt called, "Zombies", or the walking dead.

        More information has surfaced regarding the forces behind this troublesome attack. Our import/export lines have been inflitrated as well, and may have altogether stopped shipping. A faction force of destruction called "The Filth" may be to blame.

        There appearance seems to have unlocked certain areas of the Earth around the ley lines. We are keen on this as we have extreme knowledge of ley line coordination, activation, and deactivation.

        I have been authorized to release this report by cooperate, and now Dragons, we are faced with a delimma.

        I am not at liberty to discuss the issue any further, however I have been instructed to call upon higher powers at my disposal to ensure the safety of our infrastructure. This is sad news all in all, but there "IS" a win-win situation here; if it can only be surmised and the contracts drawn up, in SANGUIENEM if necessary.

So-and-so has logged on!